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Fax Number 206-616-1267

Welcome to the Hall Health Laboratory!

It is our goal to make your experience simple, pleasant and efficient. Our laboratory is a satellite of the Department of Laboratory Medicine at the University of Washington Medical Center.

Billing Information

For lab test fee estimates, call (206) 685-6066

  • You must know the specific name of the tests in question.  These can be obtained from your provider (doctor or nurse practitioner) or the medical assistant.

For other questions about laboratory fees or billing, call (206) 616-8900

  • Laboratory testing fees are not included in your Hall Health Center bill.  A separate bill for laboratory services is prepared by Laboratory Medicine. See Understanding Your Bill.
  • The information you provide when registering for your clinic visit will be used to determine where your laboratory bill is sent.
  • Laboratory fees may be subject to deductibles or co-payments. It is your responsibility to be informed of the details of your insurance coverage.


8AM – 5PM – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
9AM – 5PM – Tuesday
Closed Saturday, Sunday and UW holidays


I have laboratory test orders from a provider who is not affiliated with the University of Washington Physicians Network or is from another state. Can I still get my laboratory work done at Hall Health Laboratory?

Yes. You can bring your laboratory orders to the lab or have your provider fax them to us. Our fax number is 206-616-1267. When you do come to Hall Health Laboratory you will need to fill out several pieces of paperwork, including insurance information. Bring your insurance card with you.

Can I get my lab test results from the laboratory staff?

No. The laboratory staff does not release results of any tests directly to a patient. If you are curious or anxious about test results please contact your provider’s office.