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Smoking Cessation & The ACA


One of the great things about the Affordable Care Act that doesn’t get a lot of attention, is that smoking cessation support, including medications, is required by most plans.

This is true both for plans on the Marketplace as well as Apple Health plans.

There are a number of “rolling deadlines” during Open Enrollment, so you’ll want to make sure you sign up for coverage as soon as possible to make sure you’re covered for 2016. The date for starting coverage January 1 has passed, but you have until January 15th to sign up to begin coverage February 1.

If you’re part of the UW community, you can access in-person support through the Tobacco Talk program, by calling (206) 616-8476, or by sending us an email. Washington residents who aren’t connected to UW can get more information through the State Department of Health.