Support the Department of History

Dear Friends,

Private gifts to History make an tremendous difference in helping us to maintain the high quality of our teaching, scholarship, and civic engagement, and we are enormously grateful to our supporters. We use these gifts more and more to support the critical needs of the Department, which state dollars no longer fund. These include travel to conferences, research, new course development, and the resources to bring outstanding visiting scholars to campus and to share our expertise with the broader public. We also use private gifts to support scholarships, and to create new faculty positions and enhance existing ones. In short, private gifts are integral to the Department’s success in the classroom, in scholarship, and in the community.

While donors may contribute to any of a substantial list of funds created through private and foundation gifts to History, the Department’s current four priority funds are described below. If you have questions or suggestions about supporting the Department, please feel free to contact me at On behalf of the entire Department, thank you for supporting History at the University of Washington.


Anand Yang
Department Chair



This essential fund provides broad support for critical needs in History. The Department uses it to support the History Writing Center and Undergraduate Advising Office, to fund faculty research, and to recognize student achievements.


This endowment supports our Graduate Program. Created to honor Ms. Rondeau Laverne Evans, who received a master’s degree from the Department in 1934, it funds graduate students working to finish their dissertations. Graduate students play a vital role in the Department by producing cutting-edge scholarship, teaching undergraduate courses, and assisting with faculty research.


Like Friends of History but an endowment that grows over time, the Nathane Fund supports a wide range of critical departmental activities including faculty research and course development. Robert A. Nathane, Sr.’s son and daughter-in-law created this fund to honor his contributions to the University of Washington. As the UW Board of Regents Treasurer, Mr. Nathane, Sr. persuaded the Regents to divest the UW of any investments in companies operating in apartheid South Africa that did not guarantee equal treatment of employees regardless of their race.


This fund supports faculty and visiting scholars working in the area of military history or war and society, in any historical period and part of the world. Recently, it has supported public lectures by distinguished scholars on topics ranging from whether the British could have won the war for American Independence to guerilla warfare strategies during the U.S. Civil War.