Carol Thomas: Areas of Graduate Study

Division: Ancient Mediterranean & Late Antique Near East

Covers the fields of Homeric Greece, the Archaic Period, Classical Greece, and the Hellenistic period. Students have the opportunity to study the development of Bronze Age culture and the social and political realities of pre-classical Greece. In addition, the program is especially concerned with the nature of the society of the classical polis, and the changes that accompanied the spread of Hellenism in the extensive empire created by Alexander the Great. Students are encouraged to take complementary coursework in the Departments of Classics, Philosophy, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, Art History, and Comparative Religion.

Division: Comparative History (Historiography)*

Examination of the surviving sources from the earlies alphabetic writing in Greece (8th century) into the 4th century CE. Themes include changes in historical writing over time and the perception of ancient historical writing by later writers.

*Students may not offer a field in the Comparative History division as a first field.