James Felak: Areas of Graduate Study

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Division: Europe--Medieval to Modern Times

Students choosing East European History as their primary area of study will cover the lands and peoples of the region roughly comprising today's Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia from 1780 to 1989, and the Balkans from 1804. Students are required to take a graduate field course on Modern Eastern Europe, a 400 level survey on the history of Eastern Europe, and at least one quarter of directed readings. Such students must also acquire a reading knowledge of two European languages pertinent to their study, one of them an East European language not including German or Russian.

Students doing East European History as a secondary area of study may choose one of the following:

--East Central Europe from 1780 to 1989

--the Balkans from 1804 to 1989

--Eastern Europe in the 20th Century

--Poland from 1772 to 1989

--Nationalism in Eastern Europe

--Communism in Eastern Europe

--Religion in Eastern Europe

Such students must take a graduate course on Modern Eastern Europe and a 400 level survey on the history of Eastern Europe.

It may be possible to negotiate additional sub-fields as they suit student needs and interests.