Ken Pyle: Areas of Graduate Study

Division: Asia--Pre-History to the Present

Professor Pyle will direct graduate fields in Modern Japanese History from 1868 to the present.



Autumn 2014

HSTAS 521: Modern Japanese History

This course builds on reading and themes that were covered in HSTAS 423: The History of Modern Japan. Major themes include the Tokugawa legacy, the nature of the Meiji Restoration, Meiji civilization and problems of cultural identity, the late development effect, the sources of nationalism, women in the modern state and the changing family system, the changing character of Japanese imperialism, the strategies of catch-up industrialization, Japanese fascism, and the Japanese-American contest for supremacy in the Pacific. Three short papers (5-10 pages) will be assigned . There are no examinations. The goals of the course are to require the student to think deeply about the underlying processes of modern Japanese history and national character, to give her/him a command of the historiography of modern Japan, and to prepare her/him to teach a course on modern Japanese history.