Patricia Ebrey: Areas of Graduate Study

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Division: Asia--Pre-History to the Present

Graduate students preparing a field in Early Imperial China are expected to gain a broad familiarity with the history of the period sufficient to prepare them to teach undergraduate survey courses covering Chinese history from its beginnings through the Song dynasty (that is, to 1279 CE). In addition, they should acquire more detailed knowledge of a specific time period (such as a dynasty) and a specific type of history (such as social, cultural, intellectual, political, economic, or gender). Emphasis is placed on command of the English language literature on the subject, and students should submit a list of 75-100 books and articles that they will have read.

Students preparing early Chinese history as a secondary field need not have Chinese language competence and can select any time period and specialty. Students wishing to do their dissertations in this field must have strong Chinese language skills and are encouraged to work in the Tang or Song periods.