Purnima Dhavan: Areas of Graduate Study

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Division: Asia--Pre-History to the Present

Graduate students preparing a field in the history of South Asia 1200-1800 will be expected to gain a broad familiarity with the history of the Sultanate and Mughal period in addition to the histories of various regional dynasties. The social, cultural, and political history of the period is emphasized and includes state formation and the emergence and transformation of caste and ethnic identity, religious traditions, warrior and peasant cultures, trading networks, and intellectual traditions.

Students will create a specialized course of study in consultation with the professor. Proficiency in one South Asian language and/or Persian is required for students who wish to pursue a primary specialization in this field. Students who select this as a secondary field need not have knowledge of a South Asian language.

Division: Comparative History (Historiography & Comparative Gender)*

Students preparing a field in Historiography will study the impact of modern historical theories and methodologies on our understanding of early modern South Asian history including nationalist, feminist, marxist, and subaltern modes of analysis. The course of study in the field will also explore oral traditions, mythological concepts of time, memory and history in textual sources and art from the early modern period.

A field in Comparative Gender in South Asia from 1200-1800 will examine the construction of gender in early modern South Asia and its specific interactions with caste, social class, and ethnicity. Readings will focus on the construction of gender in courtly, warrior, ascetic, and mystical traditions in the early modern period as well as the considerable body of theoretical and methodological debates about the history of gender put forward by modern scholars.



Winter 2016

HSTRY 571: Orientation to an Academic Career in History

This course introduces second and third year students in the Department of History to life as a professional historian both within and outside academia. All History graduate students must take this 3-credit, ungraded course twice, in both their second and third years in the graduate program. The course meets four times over the quarter. Themes will vary every year to cover diverse subjects related to professionalization.

Autumn 2015

HSTAS 502: History of India

Autumn 2015

HSTRY 570: Teaching History

Autumn 2014

HSTAS 590: Topics in Asian History: "Readings in South Asian and Global Environmental History"