Raymond Jonas: Areas of Graduate Study

Division: Europe--Medieval to Modern Times

Modern France: Students may prepare a field in the history of modern France with Professor Jonas. Those expecting to complete such a field should take the graduate field course (HSTEU 521) and at least one of the following courses: "The French Revolution" (HSTEU 422); "Modern France" (HSTEU 423); a graduate-level topics course (HISTEU 590). I normally teach at least three of these courses (HSTEU 422, HSTEU 423, HSTEU 521, HSTEU 590) in any given two year period, making it possible to prepare the French field as part of a two year course of study. In order to pass the field examination, you will be expected to demonstrate expertise in three sub-fields within the modern French field. Sub-fields may be topical ("The French Revolution"), thematic ("gender and modern France" "power, art, and architecture"), or historiographical ("the historiography of the French Revolution"). For details, download the full field description at http://faculty.washington.edu/jonas/teaching.htm

Europe and the Modern World: This field concerns the history of Europe and its global engagements in the modern period. The field aims to provide a familiarity with some of the great themes, problems, and events in the history of modern Europe, including but not limited to Europe’s larger global engagements. It offers a foundation for advanced study of a thematic or regional nature, a basis for comparative historical study within Europe and beyond, and preparation for the teaching of entry-level and advanced undergraduate surveys in the field.  Those expecting to complete a graduate field in the field of Europe and the Modern World should take the graduate field course (HSTEU 513) and at least two other graduate level courses under my supervision. Students expecting to define a program of research in the field will be expected to develop appropriate language skills. For details, download the full field description here.