Scott Noegel: Areas of Graduate Study

For more on Dr. Noegel's publications, scholarly interests and contact information, please see his faculty page.

Division: Ancient Mediterranean & Late Antique Near East*

A number of fields are possible within this division:

Biblical History (Syro-Palestinian)
Israelite history and culture within the context of the greater ancient Near East. Includes knowledge of primary biblical languages.

Mesopotamian History
History of the primary peoples and cultures of Mesopotamia from the mid-4th millennium BCE until the Hellenistic period. Includes knowledge of primary langauges of Mesopotamia.

Ancient Egyptian History
History of ancient Egypt from the mid-4th millennium BCE until the Ptolemaic period. Includes knowledge of hieroglyphic Egyptian.

History of Biblical Exegesis
This history of biblical exegesis (Hebrew Bible=Old Testament) frrom canonization until today.

History of the Semitic Languages
Comparative history of the primary Semitic languages and their dialects.

**Adjunct professors do not normally supervise first fields.