Diversity Statement

The Department of History understands diversity not only as increasing the number of different populations in our student and faculty body and among our staff, but also in terms of offering a diverse intellectual experience, including pedagogical goals and methodologies that aim to enhance the quality of graduate and undergraduate education.

Many department faculty members and graduate students are intellectually engaged with the question of how race, class, ethnicity, and gender have shaped the patterns of human experience. We also work to build a sense of intellectual collaboration among members of the department’s learning community and to facilitate a climate of inclusion for our graduate students, undergraduates, faculty and staff.

History Department Diversity Committee

The goal of the History Department’s Diversity Committee, is to create an ongoing conversation about creating and maintaining an environment of inclusivity in all of our classrooms, and making inclusion a central aspect of our wider departmental culture.

This Committee is made up of two graduate students, two undergraduates, two faculty, and one staff member who serve for a full academic year. During the year faculty and graduate students on this committee hold department events on themes such as best practices for graduate and undergraduate mentoring and pedagogies that foster classroom inclusivity. The Committee also serves as a sounding board and resource for students, staff, and faculty who have concerns related to climate and diversity. Any member of the department's learning community may contact one or more members of the Committee with concerns at any time during the year. Inquiries will remain confidential.

2016 - 2017 Diversity Committee

Professor Ileana Rodriguez-Silva (Chair)

Josue Estrada (Graduate Student Representative)

Katia Chaterji (Graduate Student Representative)

Star Murray (Staff Representative)

Tracy Maschman Morrissey (Staff Representative)

Professor Laurie Marhoefer (Faculty Representative)