Britta Anson

  • PhD Candidate

M.A. History, University of Washington, 2012 , B.A. History, University of Massachusetts, 2004

Fields: Modern Britain, South Africa, Comparative Colonialisms, Modern Europe Office Hours: Currently on leave
Curriculum Vitae:

My work explores steamship travel between London and Cape Town as a window into the complex and networked mechanisms of British imperial power in South Africa. It weaves together stories of large, government- and corporate-driven initiatives with biographical accounts of individual travelers and migrants in order to better understand the relationship between power, wealth, and individual agency in the project of colonizing South Africa. I ask how individuals are complicit in larger imperial projects not of their own design.

Previously I have researched the role of early motion pictures in representing the South African War to a British audience, and I have explored the role of steamship travel between Britain and South Africa in shaping networks of empire and migration between 1870-1910. I am especially interested in steamships as sites of nineteenth-century social networking.