Charles Bergquist

  • Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. Stanford University 1973

Fields: Modern Latin America, Labor
Phone: 206-543-5790
Office: SMI 10 |

A history of the Colombian Left.


Labor and the Course of American Democracy. U.S. History in Latin American Perspective. London: Verso, 1996.

Labor in Latin America: Comparative Essays on Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, and Colombia. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1986. Spanish edition: Bogotá, Colombia: Siglo XXI, 1988.

Coffee and Conflict in Colombia, 1886-1910. Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Press, 1978; 2nd ed., 1986. Spanish editions: Medellín, Colombia: Fundación Antioqueño de Estudios Sociales, 1981; Bogotá: El Ancora, 1999.

Also, edited books on development theory and labor in the world economy, and two volumes on the current situation in Colombia: Violence in Colombia: The Contemporary Crisis in Historical Perspective,(Wilmington, Delaware: Scholarly Resources, 1992) and Violence in Colombia, 1990-2000: Waging War and Negotiating Peace, (Wilmington, Delaware: Scholarly Resources, 2001).