Jordanna Bailkin | bailkin@uw.edu

Professor, Giovanni and Amne Costigan Endowed Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Modern Britain, Modern Europe, Comparative Colonialisms

George Behlmer | behlmer@uw.edu

Modern Britain, Social History of the Family, History of Medicine, Comparative Colonialisms

Arbella Bet-Shlimon | shlimon@uw.edu

Assistant Professor
Middle East, Comparative Colonialisms, Urban History

Elena I. Campbell | eicampb@uw.edu

Associate Professor
Imperial Russia

Purnima Dhavan | pdhavan@uw.edu

Associate Professor, Howard and Frances Keller Endowed Professor in History
South Asia

Madeleine Yue Dong | yuedong@uw.edu

Professor, Joint Appointment: Jackson School of International Studies
Modern China

Patricia Ebrey | ebrey@uw.edu

Professor, Captain Gordon B. and Muriel M. Williams Professor in History
Early Imperial China, Song Dynasty

James Felak | felak@uw.edu

Eastern Europe, Modern Europe

John M. Findlay | jfindlay@uw.edu

Professor, John Calhoun Smith Memorial Endowed Professor
American West, Pacific Northwest

Susan Glenn | glenns@uw.edu

Twentieth Century US Cultural, Social History

James Gregory | gregoryj@uw.edu

Twentieth Century United States, Labor, Race, Politics

Bruce Hevly | bhevly@uw.edu

Associate Professor
History of Science, Technology

Richard Johnson | rrj@uw.edu

Early America, Constitutional History

Raymond Jonas | jonas@uw.edu

Professor, Colonel Donald W. Wiethuechter, USA Ret., Endowed Faculty Fellow in History
Europe and the Modern World

Sandra Joshel | sjoshel@uw.edu

Ancient Rome

Moon-Ho Jung | mhjung@uw.edu

Associate Professor
Race, Politics, Asian American History

Polly Myers | prmyers@uw.edu

Full-Time Lecturer, Integrated Social Sciences
Twentieth Century U.S., Capitalism, Business, Women, Gender, Sexuality

Devin E. Naar | denaar@uw.edu

Assistant Professor, Marsha & Jay Glazer Chair in Jewish Studies, Coordinator of the Sephardic Studies Initiative
Modern Jewish History, Sephardic Jewry, Ottoman Empire and Greece, Transnational histories

Hwasook Nam | hsnam@uw.edu

Associate Professor, Joint Appointment: Jackson School of International Studies, James B. Palais Endowed Assistant Professor in Korea Studies
Modern Korea

Linda Nash | lnash@uw.edu

Associate Professor, Director, Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest, on leave 2014-15
Environmental History, Twentieth Century U.S., American West

Margaret O'Mara | momara@uw.edu

Associate Professor
American Political History, Urban History, History of Capitalism

Mary O'Neil | oneilmr@uw.edu

Associate Professor
Italian Renaissance, Reformation

Kenneth Pyle | kbp@uw.edu

Professor, Joint Appointment: Jackson School of International Studies
Modern Japan, Foreign Relations

Vicente L Rafael | vrafael@uw.edu

Philippine, US, SE Asian Histories, Colonialism and Nationalism, Historiography

Ileana Rodriguez-Silva | imrodrig@uw.edu

Associate Professor
Latin America and the Caribbean

William Rorabaugh | rorabaug@uw.edu

Nineteenth Century US, US Social History

Benjamin Schmidt | schmidtb@uw.edu

Professor, Joff Hanauer Endowed Faculty Fellow
Early Modern Europe, Cultural History, Early Modern Globalism, Comparative Colonialisms, Early Modern Spain and the Netherlands

Laurie Sears | lsears@uw.edu

Professor, Walker Family Endowed Professor in History
Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Comparative Colonialisms, Psychoanalysis and Colonialism, Historiography

Stephanie Smallwood | ses9@uw.edu

Associate Professor, Dio Richardson Endowed Professor
Atlantic World, Slavery

Robin Chapman Stacey | rcstacey@uw.edu

Professor, Joff Hanauer Honors Professor in Western Civilization
Medieval Europe, Celtic History, Women, Gender

Robert Stacey | bstacey@uw.edu

Professor, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Medieval Europe

Quintard Taylor | qtaylor@uw.edu

Professor, Scott and Dorothy Bullitt Chair of American History
African American History, American West

Lynn M. Thomas | lynnmt@uw.edu

Professor, Chair , Giovanni and Amne Costigan Endowed Professor
Africa, Comparative Colonialisms, Women, Gender

Phillip Thurtle | thurtle@uw.edu

Associate Professor
History and Philosophy of Technology and Science

John Toews | toews@uw.edu

European Intellectual and Cultural History

Charity Urbanski | urbanski@uw.edu

Senior Lecturer
Medieval France and England, Vernacular History, Gender and Power

Joel Walker | jwalker@uw.edu

Associate Professor, Jon Bridgman Endowed Professor
Late Antiquity, Ancient World, Middle East, Islamic World

Adam Warren | awarren2@uw.edu

Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Latin America

Anand Yang | aay@uw.edu

Professor, Job and Gertrud Tamaki Professor
Modern South Asia

Glennys Young | glennys@uw.edu

Professor, Joint Appointment: Jackson School of International Studies
Russia, The Soviet Union, Communism, Spain, Historiography