Upcoming Courses

Course Highlights for Winter 2015

HSTAM 302 Ancient Roman History (Mira Green)

Political, social, economic, and cultural history of the eastern Roman Empire from the fourth to fifteenth centuries.

HSTAM 320 Reacting to the Past/Middle Ages (Stacey)

Role-playing based class focusing on religion and politics in the middle ages. Students take on identities and pursue game-structured strategies centered on key historical moments such as the struggle between church and state and mission and trial of Joan of Arc.

HSTAM 413 Roman Slavery (Joshel)

Selected topics in the history of slavery at Rome (c. 55 BCE-200CE): the emergence of large-scale slave system; the slave's status as property, the practices of slaveholders and their visions of slaves; the life of slaves; and slave resistance and rebellion.

HSTAA 260 History of California and the West Coast (Beda)

Explores major episodes in the Pacific Coast's social, political, and environmental history from 1600 to the present, focusing mostly on California, but considering Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and British Columbia. Emphasis placed on how the region's evolving relationship to empires, the state, and global economy shaped race and power dynamics.

HSTAA 337 Holocaust and America (Glenn)

In most accounts, "the Holocaust" is told as a European story, but it was also a transatlantic story. Incorporates film, literature, journalism, social scientific writing, diaries, court cases, and other primary sources to examine how events in Europe affected and were affected by developments in United States history.