2012 Joint Symposium on HIV Research in Women

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Lifespan/Tufts/Brown CFAR

The 2012 Joint Symposium on HIV Research in Women was hosted by the Lifespan/Tufts/Brown Center for AIDS Research. The goal of the symposium was to identify gaps in knowledge in research on HIV and women and to develop strategies that will move the field forward. The specific aims of the conference were to:

  1. Identify gaps in knowledge in research related to HIV and women and develop strategies that will move the field forward
  2. Generate collaborative activity between the different CFARs and with other research networks highlighting cutting edge science
  3. Promote and emphasize opportunities for young investigators

The symposium consisted of three sessions:

HIV Prevention: Special Issues in Women The Prevention session targeted issues related to biomedical prevention opportunities, rollout of efficacy trials, ART for prevention and HIV treatment during a woman’s lifespan (presenter bios)

HIV and Reproductive Health The Reproductive Health session targeted fertility issues, contraception issues, HIV transmission in discordant couples and issues related to periconception pre-exposure prophylaxis (presenter bios)

Health Disparities & Social Vulnerabilities of Women The Health Disparities session targeted community engagement, access to and retention in care, adherence to therapy, gender disparities, HIV in older women, adolescents, minority women, social & structural issues – participation in clinical trials, food security, nutrition, and behavioral issues/change (presenter bios)

Each session integrated areas of basic, clinical and social behavioral sciences and consisted of invited speakers and presentations by junior investigators. The intent of this symposium was not only to discuss the state of the science in each field but to critically review the issues for their relevance to women, to identify gaps, and to develop recommendations on how to fill in these gaps. It was also the intent of the CFAR investigators to help inform funding agencies as to the most relevant issues affecting HIV infected women.

  • Date:  Mentoring day September 18; Research symposium September 19-20, 2012
  • Location:  Providence, RI
  • Attendance:  166

2012 Symposium Agenda

2012 Welcome Letter

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Drs. Haase, Overbaugh and Celum

Drs. Cu-Uvin, McClelland and Landay