Harborview Research Programs



Please visit this link for a list of Shared Equipment and resources available to HMC Researchers.


Visit UW Procurement Services for information on purchasing lab equipment and supplies.

Lifetech/Thermofisher offers a virtual “Supply Center” to HMC Researchers. LifeTech no longer physically stocks items on the 2nd floor of the R&T. To use the LifeTech/ThermoFisher Supply Center at HMC , please select your items on eProcurement as normal (through the Lifetech/Thermofisher punchout page). When you are checking out and are prompted for a ship-to location, you’ll simply select the Harborview SC option. Items will be delivered as part of a consolidated shipment on Tuesdays. Tiina will bring the items to your lab. There will be no shipping/handling charges incurred for items ordered though the supply center. If you have any questions please contact Tiina Kaumi, Sr. Supply Center Specialist (Tiina.Kaumi@thermofisher.com).

Located in R & T, room 204, the Qiagen cabinet contains RNA and DNA kits and other products. Purchase of items requires a P.O. or credit card number. The benefit of using the Qiagen stock center is that there is no shipping or handling fees. Qiagen representative is Emily Green.  Email: Emily.Green@qiagen.com.  Phone: 425-213-7091.