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Work in Progress: Student Research Poster Exhibit

May 12 - June 9 2017

Jake Betzen Bigleaf maple decline in western Washington
Anne-Gigi Chan Project management tool-kit and handbook for SER-UW restoration sites
Michael Freeman Douglas-fir mortality and the potential loss of forest ecosystem services
Ryan Garrison The life and times of the azalea lace bug
Mary-Margaret Greene Designing curriculum for the SER-UW native plant nursery
Joanna Long Creating a management plan for Janpanese knotweed in the Thorton Creek Watershed
Kelsey Taylor Noxious weed garden loosestrife: rhizomes and reproduction prevention
Lila Westreich Effects of non-native plants on native bees in the Pacific Northwest

May 13 - June 10 2016

Kelly Broadlick Restoration of Native Sedges in Western Washington Praries
Anna Carragee The SER-UW Native Plant Nursery
Nate Haan Evaluating Three Host Plants for a Rare Butterfly
Dan Hintz Restoration of a Dregraded Urban Forest in a Campus Setting: A Two Year Review of Work at Kincaid Ravine
Zachary Mallon Arum italicum Control Methods
Devin Melville Testing Tropical Endophytes as a Means to Promote Plant Growth in Temperate Agroecosystems
Nicolette Neumann Designing and Installing an Agricultural Hedgerow to Restore Native Pollinator Habitat
Allison Rossman Understory Vegetaion Response to Dry Forest Restoration: Short-term vs. Long-term
Regina Wandler Designing a Continuing Education Program for Pacific Northwest Resotration Professionals


May 8 - June 13, 2015

Derek Buchner When is Restoration Complete
Elyse Denkers Yesler Swamp Boardwalk Installation & Wetland Mitigation
Alex Greene Powering Horticulture's Future
Dan Hintz Restoring Kincaid Ravine
Malcolm Howard Prairie Rain Garden
Nicolette Levi Planting Pollinator Habitats at the UW Farm - Center for Urban Horticulture
Zachary Mallon Testing Italian Arum Control Methods in a Greenhouse Setting
Daniel Sorensen Geospatial distribution and genetic analysis of Cortaderia species in the Pacific Northwest

May 9 - May 30, 2014

Crescent Calimpong Elwha Revegetation 2013: A Plant Performance Study
Nate Haan Interactions between hemiparasites, hosts, and herbivores
Alex Harwell The Restoration of Sweetgrass (Schoenoplectus pungens) in the Nisqually Delta: An Ethnobotanical Restoration Effort
Kathryn Hill Effects of prescribed fire on the spatial structure of butterfly habitat in South Puget Sound prairies
Matthew Schwartz Restoring Kincaid Ravine
Eve Rickenbaker UW Student Perception of the Washington Park Arboretum
Kathleen Walter Amphibian Use of Union Bay Natural Area
Christopher Wong The Sisyrinchium Common Garden Study

May 11 - May 31, 2013

Natalie Footen Endangered Parasites
Andrew Fraser Can Solarization be Used to Control Himalayan Blackberry and Scotch Broom?
Lindsey Hamilton Bracken Fern and Salal after Restoring the Fire Regime of a Skokomish Savanna
Luke McGruff Friends of North Beach Park
Hyungmin (Tony) Rho The Use of Endophytesas a Means for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Agroecosystems
Ellen Sherck Fire Histories of Turn Point and Kellet Bluff, San Juan Islands, WA
Chris Watson Modeling the Hydrology of the Washington Park Arbroetum and Surrounding Land

May 11 - May 31, 2012

Rosemary Baker Elwha Revegetation: Lake Aldwell Seeding Trials

Hillary Burgess
Project E-PIG: Exploring the ecology of pollinators in gardens
Ilana M. Calvert Conservation in the City: The UWBG collection at the Arboretum
Lauren Clark Potential for Castilleja levisecta and Castilleja hispida hybridization in a restoration setting
Caren Crandell Is Sweetgrass (Schoenoplectus pungens, Formerly Scirpus americanus) on the Decline?
Answering the question at the intersection of culture & ecology at several temporal & spatial scales in Grays Harbor, WA
Caitlin Guthrie How do we effectively restore tidal freshwater swamps?
Lindsey Hamilton The effects of thinning and burning on the distribution of bracken fern and salal in Skokomish Savanna restoration
Micheal Hannam Mountains or Molehills? The importance of topography in an estuarine invasion
Heather Khan A case study of clmate change impacts on wetlands
Korena Mafune Mingling with Microbes in Prairie Restoration
Rachel Mitchell How is a Plant like a Snowflake?
Lloyd Nackley Bioenergy that supports ecological restoration
Natalie R. Schmidt Partners of a Prairie Plant
Jessica Tupper Evaluating the Habitat Impact of Nutria within Union Bay
Drew Zwart Can Biochar in soil reduce tree disease?