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Restoring the Pacific Northwest by Dean Apostol, 2006

Reviewed by: Brian Thompson
Review date: 2007-10-01

This book details our major ecosystems, how they've worked historically, how that work has been interrupted, and possible corrections. These systems are defined first by plant zones or geographical features, such as bunchgrass prairies or tidal wetlands, and then reexamined as large scale landscapes that cross zones, including urban natural areas and watersheds. This is not a field guide, and not a quick read (and not cheap!), but the more technical parts are brought to life by case studies from throughout the area. Invasive vegetation is given its own chapter, as is a study of ecological knowledge and restoration practices by indigenous peoples. Editors Dean Apostol and Marcia Sinclair present a good survey of this large and important topic.

Excerpted from the Fall 2007 Arboretum Bulletin.

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