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Coastal Gardening in the Pacific Northwest by Carla Albright, 2007

Reviewed by: Brian Thompson
Review date: 2007-10-01

A coastal garden book, this written by a transplanted Pennsylvania Master Gardener, who took the training again in Oregon. Written to a very specific audience, a fact brought home by the second chapter: "Dune Gardening." Yes, this is for those with lots of sand in their soil. Carla Albright has designed this as a handbook, with many pages of worksheets for the reader to fill out based on experiences. The tips are very basic, too. "In my tool bucket I keep two trowels, a narrow one and a wide one. The narrow one is good for..." Following a review of native beach plants, there are suggestions for appropriate beach garden aesthetics, and an extensive list of shore tested vegetable varieties.

Excerpted from the Fall 2007 Arboretum Bulletin.

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