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Pacific Northwest Gardening Connections

The Pacific Northwest is an ideal climate for growing plants from all over the world. Certain regions of the world have a climate similar to ours and plants from those regions grow especially well here. Those regions are the Mediterranean, New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, South Africa and Chile. In the library we have a section devoted to books about plants and gardens from these regions. Below is a growing collection of web resources with connections to the Pacific Northwest climate.

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Pacific Northwest

List of PNW Public Gardens
List of PNW Organizations & Plant Societies

General Gardening Sites

Bellevue Botanical Garden Plant Database
"This plant information form lets you search the Bellevue Botanical Garden's plant collection. Based on your criteria, you can locate plant information, photos, and locations in the garden."

Bellevue Utilities Department: Waterwise Gardening
A great resource on natural lawn and garden care. How to build healthy soil, find the right plants the site, and how to practice smart watering and minimize the use of pesticides.

Choosing the Right Plants
This Seattle Public Utilities site includes links to pdf files for choosing the right plant for the right place and a plant list for the Pacific Northwest.

Daniel J. Hinkley, Plantsman
Internationally renowned plant explorer and writer, Dan Hinkley's speaking calendar is available as well as a growing collection of essays.

E-Flora BC
An "electronic atlas of the plants of British Columbia" that provides detailed biogeographical, ecological and taxonomic information on vascular and non-vascular plants of the province. Includes a photo gallery and distribution maps.

Ecoregional Planting Guides (for pollinators)
A collections of booklets that recommends the best plants for attracting pollinators such as bees, butterflies and birds to various eco-geographic regions of the United States, including the "Pacific lowland mixed province forest" (Oregon & Washington). The booklet also describes the pollinators likely to be found living in the regions as well as general information on encouraging pollinator populations. Published by the The Pollinator Partnership™/North American Pollinator Protection Campaign.

Gardening in Washington State
Facts tips, and information for gardening in Washington.

Gardening with Ciscoe
The gregarious radio personality and former longtime Manager for Grounds and Landscaping at Seattle University developed a fun web page that highlights gardening in Seattle. Ciscoe's sense of humor is evident in the page of recipes devoted to the maligned brussel sprout. Serious topics are also included such as lawn care information for the Northwest and features on interesting plants and destructive bugs.

Gardening with Ed Hume
Gardening information archive.

Great Plant Picks for the Northwest
The Great Plant Picks program is a new plant awards program designed to help the home gardener identify foolproof plants for their Pacific Northwest garden.The program is targeted at gardeners in the maritime Pacific Northwest. This includes gardens north of Eugene, Oregon; southern British Columbia; and west of the Cascade Mountains.

Greater Seattle Plant Sharing Cooperative Facebook Group
A private Facebook group with the mission: "to make plants available to more people in order to improve our communities."

Idaho Landscapes and Gardens
Published by the University of Idaho Extension, this well organized site contains articles on a wide variety of gardening topics such as fertilizing, transplanting trees, growing berries and growing Idaho native plants. Also included are links to contact the Master Gardeners or the Idaho Nursery and Landscape Association.

In the Garden with Marty Wingate
This local Seattle garden writer leads tours to English, Irish or North American gardens every spring.

King County Natural Yard Care
Information on five steps to natural yard care.

King County, Northwest Yard and Garden
A collections of resources for sustainable yard and garden care. Find information on rain barrels, making compost, Northwest native plants and listen to episodes of the Yard Talk podcast.

Marianne Binetti
The personal page of a Northwest garden writer that features photos of the international garden tours she leads, information on her books and a link to another site where readers can submit questions to her.

Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
The NCAP published the Journal of Pesticide Reform and works to educate the public about the dangers of pesticides. Go to their Publications section to download information on alternative solutions to pest problems, pesticide fact sheets, and special reports about issues of pesticide reform.

Oregon Association of Nurseries

Oregon State University: Landscape Plants
The site features images and information on over 900 landscape plants (mostly woody) listed in alphabetical order by genus. Use the Plant Search to filter by attributes such as flower color or leaf shape to narrow down the possibilities.

Pacific Northwest Garden History Homepage
Two-Hundred Years of People, Plants, and Gardens in British Columbia, Oregon, and Washington. Now includes the new Heritage Plants page.

Pacific Northwest Gardening Resource List
A list of the best books, articles and websites on gardening in the Pacific Northwest.

Pacific Northwest Nursery IPM
"This website has been established to provide educational materials and links for the identification and management of pests in commercial nursery production in the Pacific Northwest."

Paghat's Garden
An extensive commentary of the life of the garden and grounds of an old estate where two eccentric women, Granny Artemis & Paghat the Ratgirl, live and work in the garden. As useful a reference as entertainment!

Plant Disease Control
Oregon State University presents their online version of a guide to plant diseases. Search by the common name of either the plant or the disease. Each record describes the cause, symptoms and control for the particular disease, and most have a picture. The site also gives detailed instruction on how to submit a diseased plant sample to the Oregon State University clinics as well as addresses for the many official County Extension clinics in the Pacific Northwest.

Plant Talk by Valerie Easton
A longtime gardening columnist for the Seattle Times (and founding librarian of the Miller Library), Valerie Easton started blogging in early 2009. Topics include Easton's favorite new plants, horticultural happenings and reflections on her home garden.

Gardener and Nurserywoman, Elaine Sawyer, blogs about gardening and her favorite plants for the Pacific Northwest.

Summer-Dry: Celebrate Plants in Summer Dry Gardens
Photos by Saxon Holt from the original book, Plants and Landscapes for Summer-Dry Climates (available in the Miller Library).

Two Rainy Side Gardeners
This site features a collection of articles about gardening in the Northwest. Also included here are gardening forums, links to e-mail discussion lists, and online gardening resources.

UBC Botanical Garden Forums
An on-line extension service based in Vancouver, this site also allows posts of photographs, scientific discussions and details from University of British Columbia research.

PNW Herbaria what is an herbarium?

Consortium of Pacific Northwest Herbaria
A portal to over 3.6 million specimen records of the Pacific Northwest's 60 herbaria. Area's represented include Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington & Yukon Territory.

Humboldt State University Herbarium
The HSU Vascular Plant Herbarium (HSC) consists of nearly 100,000 specimens, with a strong emphasis in the flora of northwest California and southwest Oregon. The Herbarium serves as a botanical resource for students and faculty, as well as community members and professional botanists.

Marion Ownbey Herbarium at WSU
The Ownbey Herbarium is a collection of nearly 400,000 specimens of vascular and non vascular plants and lichens. The Herbarium includes plants from around the world, although those of the Pacific Northwest, Great Basin, and California form the majority of the collection.

Otis Douglas Hyde Herbarium
The Hyde Herbarium (WTUH), collects and houses voucher specimens of all accessioned plants in the Washington Park Arboretum and the Center for Urban Horticulture, horticulturally significant plants, and plants that reflect the research and project efforts of faculty, staff and students at CUH and WPA.

University of Alaska Museum Herbarium
The ALA Herbarium contains more than 220,000 specimens of non-vascular and vascular plants and is the only major research herbarium in Alaska. The collection emphasizes plants from Alaska and includes plants from other states, Canada, Greenland, Fennoscandia, Japan, and Russia.

University of British Columbia Herbarium
The UBC Herbarium is the largest in Canada west of Ottawa, home to over 650.000 plant specimens from around the world. The UBC Herbarium has five major collections: vascular plants; bryophytes (the largest collection in Canada); macroscopic algae; lichens; and fungi.

PNW Native Plants Images and Information

An online database providing occurrence data about native and introduced plants in California.

An online database of plant photos compiled by individuals and organizations. Each contributor has designated his/her own copyright restrictions for his/her photos.

King County DNR: Native Plant Nurseries for the Pacific Northwest
This listing of retail and wholesale nurseries and stores was compiled by the Water and Land Resources Division of King County, Washington for your convenience. The list draws in part on the Hortus West Native Plant Directory and the journal Hortus West.

King County, Northwest Yard and Garden
A collections of resources for sustainable yard and garden care. Find information on rain barrels, making compost, Northwest native plants and listen to episodes of the Yard Talk podcast.

Native Plant Finder
A database to find native plants by zip code which is sorted by the type of plant (herbaceous or woody) and by the number of moths and butterflies supported. Created by the National Wildlife Foundation.

Native Plants Database
The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center site offers a database with information on native plants and related organizations searchable by region, state or city. Included are native plant societies, conservation groups, governmental agencies, botanic gardens and arboreta. Sources for nurseries and seed suppliers are searchable by an alphabetical list, or by state, city, or zip. The "Mr. Smarty Plants" database has questions answered by staff members of the Wildflower Center.

Native Plants for California Database
Database providing native plant recommendations for California gardens. Currently, the database relies on zip codes to determine plant lists and only includes California zip codes.

Native Plants PNW
An encyclopedia of Pacific Northwest native plants with information on range, habitat, identification, and use by people and animals.

Northwest Native Plant Landscape Guide
King County's Natural Resources and Parks department has made it easy for gardeners to include native plants in their gardens. The site includes garden design plans for sun or shade, dry or wet sites; detailed plant profiles that may be searched by name or browsed by photos; and a collection of short articles on topics such as proper site preparation. The most useful feature is the ability to create customized plant lists that can be printed, emailed or even saved for a later visit.

Oregon Flora Project
Resource for the vascular plants of Oregon that grow without cultivation, includes a plant distribution mapping program.

Oregon State University: Trees of the Pacific Northwest
This site provides assistance with identifying common conifers in the Pacific Northwest. It includes information about specific genera, user-friendly dichotomous keys, and a mystery tree section where you can test your knowledge.

Pacific Northwest Gardening Resource List
A list of the best books, articles and websites on gardening in the Pacific Northwest.

"Dedicated to moving native plants and naturescaping into mainstream landscaping practices." Includes a how-to for creating a native plant landscape and directories by state for native plant nurseries, regional plants and community service organizations.

Propagation Protocol Database
This database is maintained by the Native Plant Network; an organization devoted to the sharing of information on how to propagate native plants of North America (Canada, Mexico, and US).

UW's Plants of Western Washington Image Database
A database of nearly 600 images of plants commonly found in Western Washington which also provides ecological information about the plants featured.

Washington Flora Checklist
A database constructed by members of the UW Botany department. "The Washington Flora Checklist aims to be a complete checklist of the vascular plants of Washington State. The checklist currently contains 3687 unique taxa."

Washington Native Plant Society: Landscaping with Native Plants for Wildlife
Native plants provide the food, shelter, and nesting habitat favored by our local wildlife. Make your garden a sanctuary for songbirds, hummingbirds, butterflies, bees and other wildlife using native plants.

Washington Natural Heritage Program
"The WNHP manages site-specific and species/ecosystem-specific information on priority species and ecosystems; those that are rare or have very limited distribution."

PNW Native Plant Societies

Generally, Native Plant Societies conserve, advocate for, photograph, research and educate the public about the native plants in their geographic region. All welcome new members and volunteers. Unless otherwise noted, the Societies listed below cover an entire state or province.

Countries with Connections


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