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I have a large Euphorbia trigona (also known as an African milk tree), nearly 7 feet tall that currently lives in my living room. I will be moving soon, and it is too large to take with me. I'm concerned about putting it in the yard waste bin and exposing the people who collect it to the irritating sap. Also, is this type of Euphorbia a noxious weed that I should keep out of the yard waste altogether?


I believe it should be fine to put the Euphorbia in your yard waste, as yard waste handlers wear gloves. You could minimize the amount of sap going into the recycling by cutting it into the largest allowable sections, then setting them on a tarp to ooze their sap for a while before adding them to the container. There are a few varieties of Euphorbia that are classified as noxious weeds and would need appropriate disposal, and your plant is not one of them.

Keywords: Recycling (Waste, etc.), Euphorbia
Date: 2007-01-16

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