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I have a very large hydrangea that has been in the ground at least 15 years. I'd like to move it, and have heard that it can be divided into several bushes. Are there any special details I should consider when performing this task?


I found a reference to the technique you describe in Hydrangeas: A Gardener's Guide by Toni Lawson-Hall and Brian Rothera: "DIVISION. Sometimes, when moving a large H. macrophylla cultivar, the plant falls apart during the operation. It has been found that, provided each section has good roots, planting the separate pieces is totally successful." This is similar to the process of layering, where branches are nicked and then pinned down into the soil to allow roots to form, and then severed from the parent plant with a sharp shovel six months to a year later. The small plants will be genetically identical to the original plant.

Keywords: Vegetative propagation, Transplanting, Hydrangea
Date: 2009-03-07

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