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Growing a Life: Teen Gardeners Harvest Food, Health, and Joy by Illène Pevec, 2016

Reviewed by: Laura Blumhagen
Review date: 2016-12-01

Growing a life book jacketFor anyone who would like to understand more about the empowering effect of programs like Seattle Youth Garden Works and the UW Farm, I highly recommend Illène Pevec’s Growing a Life: Teen Gardeners Harvest Food, Health, and Joy. The author transcribes her face-to-face interviews with 90 youth gardeners participating in twelve different programs across the country. Her goal is to discover how growing food at their school, community center, or non-profit organization affects these teens' health as well as the attitudes, job prospects, and hopes for the future they share. The result is inspirational!

Published in the December 2016 Leaflet for Scholars Volume 3, Issue 12.

Keywords: Children's gardens and programs

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