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The Gardens of The National Trust for Scotland by Francesca Greenoak, 2005

Reviewed by: Brian Thompson
Review date: 2008-01-01

How I wish "The Gardens of The National Trust for Scotland," by Francesca Greenoak had been available when I visited Scotland gardens, as nearly every garden on my short list was part of the Trust. I would have known before my visit that Inverewe is indeed a rhododendron haven with over 2,000 different types, and that the founder was known as "bigleaf" Osgood for his love of large-leaf rhodies. Greenoak is skilled at teasing out these life-giving facts for her garden descriptions. Of equal importance are the photographs of Brian Chapple. Much more than coffee table filler, his images tell a story, such as the rejuvenation of the massive and ancient yew hedges at Crathes Castle. I gasped at seeing stately walls of green cut back to bare stumps, but subsequent images show the gradual regrowth and restoration of these 300 years old masterpieces. The gardening staff knows their craft!

Excerpted from the Winter 2008 Arboretum Bulletin.


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