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How to Buy the Right Plants, Tools & Garden Supplies by Jim Fox, 2013

Reviewed by: Brian Thompson
Review date: 2013-10-01

How to buy book jacket Jim Fox is a consumer advocate. More specifically, a gardening consumer advocate. His goal is "...to educate you to be a savvy consumer so you can be confident that your gardening dollars are well spent." To achieve this goal, he has written a shopping guide: "How to Buy the Right Plants, Tools & Garden Supplies."

Many general gardening books touch on plant buying or tool selection, but typically at the back of the book, or in a brief introduction that the reader hastily skims over to get the real excitement--an encyclopedia of plants in glorious color. Fox recognizes how critical this basic information is for all gardeners, experienced or not, and uses clarity, broad experience, and considerable wit to engage the reader, leaving the colorful photos and plant bios to the several other books that he recommends.

I found the author's insights into the process of buying and selling plants particularly engaging, demonstrating his perspectives as both an avid collector of specialty plants, and as a long-time nursery worker. "To get good service, you need to be a good customer," he strongly recommends. For example, spouting your own expertise is a quick way to shut down any helpful advice you might have received from the true expert.

After reading this book, I have a much better appreciation for the dedicated men and women who own and run nurseries and must be skilled at managing both plants and people. All so that we can have the cool plants we really, really want.

Excerpted from the Fall 2013 Arboretum Bulletin.

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