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Some of the leaves on my ficus plant have turned yellow and dropped. What could be the cause of this, and what should I do to remedy it?


There are a number of things which might cause your Ficus leaves to turn yellow and drop. Here is what the book, The House Plant Expert by D. G. Hessayon (Expert Books, 2001) says about Ficus troubles:

A sudden loss of leaves is usually the result of overwatering. Other possibilities are low winter temperatures, low winter light, too much fertilizer, and cold draughts.

Yellowing leaf edges and some loss of lower leaves can be a sign of underfeeding. Feed during the growing season.

The author does not recommend frequent repotting, but suggests doing this in spring every 2 years until the plant is too big to move easily.

If your fig is a weeping fig (Ficus benjamina), the shedding of leaves is an annual (fall) occurrence, and not necessarily a sign of problems, according to The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual by Barbara Pleasant (Storey, 2005).

Date 2018-09-08
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