Prevention Research Centers


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The Prevention Research Centers (PRCs) network consists of 26 academic research centers in 24 states. PRCs study how people and their communities can avoid or counter the risks for chronic illnesses such as heart disease, obesity, and cancer. These centers are located at either a school of public health or a medical school that has a preventive medicine residency program. As leaders in translating research results into policy and public health practice, the centers work with communities to develop, evaluate, and implement major community changes that can prevent and control chronic diseases. They identify gaps in research and develop innovative approaches to improving public health that can be shared broadly with public health partners.

The UW Health Promotion Research Center was part of the initial group of PRCs funded in 1986. We are proud to have spent over 30 years partnering with excellent community organizations to conduct research with results that have been translated into policy and public health practice.

One of our highlights has been the development of the EnhanceFitness physical activity program, now licensed nationally by Sound Generations. Go here to read this community research success story.

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