Publication Guidelines

ARC NW Publication Guidelines

  1. Any member of the Alliance for Reducing Cancer, Northwest (ARC NW) can publish an article in a journal or submit an abstract to a meeting on a topic related to ARC NW projects. Authors are encouraged to invite everyone involved in the project to be a co-author, provided they are willing to meet the requirements of authorship (see #2 below).
  2. Authorship and credit is provided in keeping with standard rules found in the American Journal of Public Health.
  3. Credit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Cancer Institute with the following statement: “This (paper, poster, presentation, etcetera) is a product of the University of Washington Health Promotion Research Center, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Prevention Research Center (PRC), and was supported by Cooperative Agreement (CA) number U48-DP-005013 from the CDC. The CA includes funding from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) through the PRC Program’s Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network (CPCRN). The findings and conclusions in this (paper, poster, presentation, etcetera) are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent CDC’s or NCI’s official positions.”
  4. If ARC NW is mentioned in the article, a copy of an abstract or other summary document needs to be sent to the ARC NW Project Director for review by a member of the ARC NW Management Group two weeks before submission.
  5. Once the document is published, a copy should be sent to the ARC NW Project Director.

For more information, contact:
Thuy Vu, MPH
ARC NW Project Director