Photo ID Badges

BMO prints photo IDs for faculty, staff, students, and visitors for the Health Sciences Building.

With a request form signed by a BAC, individuals may drop in at any time during business hours to obtain a photo ID.  For groups of 3 or more, we kindly request that BACs make an appointment in advance.


Departments will be charged $5.00 for all new and replacement HS photo ID badges.

  • Individuals in the building after-hours must have a UW-issued or affiliate-issued photo identification.  A UW Husky Card may be used for this purpose.
  • Photo identification (ID) badges are a physically separate supplement to the building access (proximity) cards.
  • An access card is needed to enter secure areas or the building after hours.
  • A department may make a policy that their personnel must wear photo IDs at all times.
  • Read HS Photo ID User Information.
Affiliated Photo IDs
  • Health Sciences will honor photo IDs from affiliated institutions and University service departments (i.e., UWMC, HMC, Seattle Children’s, SCCA, Fred Hutch, Facilities Services, SLU, UWIT).
  • For personnel that spend more than 50% of their time in Health Sciences, it is preferred that they be issued a Health Sciences photo ID.
UW Property
  • Photo identification badges are University of Washington property and must be returned to the issuing department upon termination of appointment, employment and/or registration.
  • Each department is responsible for returning badges to Building Management when faculty/staff/students terminate.

Building Management


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Mission Statement

HS Building Management (HSBM) serves the occupants of Health Sciences and the W. H. Foege buildings. We provide building security and customer service to occupants, students, and visitors, while meeting state and federal regulations and UW policies.