About HSAS&F

Our Mission:

HSAS&F is dedicated to providing the infrastructure and services vital to achieving academic excellence, scientific innovation, and world-class service (health care). We demonstrate our commitment to UW Health Sciences by:

  • Providing learning environments that meet ever-changing needs
  • Collaborating to enable cutting-edge research
  • Supporting the technology used in patient care, education, and research
  • Innovating to anticipate the advancements of tomorrow


Our Vision:

UW Health Sciences Schools will set the standard of excellence in teaching, research and clinical care. HSAS&F creates value through centralized resources and services in support of the UW mission.


Our Value to University of Washington Health Sciences:

HSAS&F aligns with the Health Sciences Administration goal to provide a systematic way to meet the needs of the UW mission. The scope of our responsibilities include operational management of the buildings comprising the 3.5 million square foot MHSC and the South Campus Center, instructional support for the Health Sciences community, clinical skills and assessment, scientific and medical visual communication services, and scientific instrument services that support the manufacture, testing and maintenance of clinical and research equipment.

Contact Us

Nancy Salts
206- 543-6114

Irene Moy
Assistant to the Director

Lacey Colleran
Assistant Director
(206) 685-6442

Office location: T-270
Hours: Monday-Friday: 7:30am - 4:30pm