Health Sciences Instructional Support

What's New? Spring 2017
Hello All,

As Instructional Support gears up for Spring Quarter 2017, we would like to provide our customers with updates on the status of our services, learning spaces and ongoing projects. We also welcome exploring opportunities to collaborate with groups throughout the Health Sciences on projects that improve our spaces, service delivery, and communication.


Instructional Support has made, or has future updates planned to providing additional audio/video functionality and increase access to meeting spaces.

Active Learning Classroom Construction

  • The active learning classroom project is still under way and expected completion is in June. Until June, please be aware of the noise conditions in the building.
    • Construction noise should be expected before 8:00am and after 5:00pm
    • Intermittent construction noise should be expected throughout the day
    • Between 8:00am and 5:00pm, consistent noise should remain under 60 decibels and the noise level is measured throughout the project
    • Please consider checking room availability in HSB if the noise types listed above will impact your event or meeting or 543-6729

T443C study area

  • In collaboration with Facilities a new student lounge area was created on the 4th floor, providing students with a space to study or gather their thoughts.

Summer 2017 Room Refreshes

  • Depending on our funding during the next biennium, we hope to update the A/V in the T625, T639, T439, and S060 lecture halls and a T-wing teaching laboratory space



  • Instructional Support has created a new page to inform users of current status updates for the A/V systems in our lecture halls. By signing up for one of our A/V alerts you will receive email notifications if an issue arises that may impact your course or meeting. Alerts are ideal for course instructors, or event coordinators who have recurring events in the same location.



  • In an effort to meet the changing needs of our customers we continually review and update our services. These updates are based on feedback from our customers. If you have feedback you can email it to:

Classroom Marker and Chalk Restocking

  • In an effort to better align services with upper campus Instructional Support has transition the replenishing of chalk and whiteboard markers to Custodial Services. They will assure all learning spaces are stocked with white chalk, and blue or black whiteboard markers. For questions related to chalk and markers in your area please contact the Care Team at or 206-685-1900.

South Campus Center

  • SCC 322 will continue to be available as a meditation or reflection space MWF from 9:30AM to 1:50PM and T\Th 9:30AM-10:50AM and 12:30PM-1:50PM
  • SCC 335 is being made available as a student study space during Spring Quarter due to course needs reducing the availability in SCC 301 and SCC 309 no longer being a reservable space.
  • The Portage Bay Area and adjoining classrooms, 222, 224, 226 are offline during construction (until July) and therefore cannot be reserved
  • The first come first serve study space in Portage Bay will be limited during construction

Digital Signage

  • Digital signage monitors in E-court and T469 provide access to room, event, and service information throughout Health Sciences. Send requests for display to HS Building Management at
  • Instructional Support also has mobile digital signage available for displaying event related information at your event location. Contact for more information.

Building Services

  • Notice a light out or room maintenance that needs attention? Facilities Services has introduced their Customer Care Team, the “one-stop-shop” for all custodial, building maintenance, and grounds issues. If you have a request, you can get in touch with them at #206-685-1900,, or the FS WORKS online portal.



Christine Aker, Program Operations Specialist

  • In order to better meet HSAS&F’s internal operations, Christine Aker has been reclassified as a Program Operations Specialist, reporting directly to the HSAS&F Assistant Director, Lacey Colleran. Christine will continue to spend a portion of her time supporting and improving program operations across Instructional Support, which includes the Lab Services, Classroom Services, and Room Reservation units. In addition, she will also be an active resource to better serve the instructional and research missions of schools and departments within the Health Sciences building and the University.

Staff Vacancies

  • We currently have opportunities for skilled program support and learning technology professionals. Please contact Nick Butler,,  Instructional Support Manager with any inquires.


Instructional Support’s mission is to advance the UW mission by delivering proactive services which cultivate a teaching and learning environment within the Health Sciences Community. Our team is driven by customer needs, informed through feedback, and dedicated to fostering innovation. We welcome your feedback, it is an essential part of making service and space update decisions.

Equipment Request Form

Equipment reservations for Health Science can be made online.

Course Casting Requests

For all requests for course casting with Mediasite, please fill out our online course casting form.

Video Conferencing Requests

For all requests for room T-235 video conferencing studio, please fill out our online video conference form.

Room Q

Submit your room reservation request via RoomQ. To begin using our online room request system, you will login with your UW Net ID.  If you are with a non-UW affiliated organization, you are required to register for a RoomQ account. If you need a room within the next 48 hours, please call our office at 206-543-0530 for immediate assistance

Room Matrix

For images and more information on our learning spaces visit our room matrix.


Laboratory Services provides sterilization of biohazardous materials, reagents and supplies, and oven cell culture work.

Bio Waste

Laboratory Services also coordinates the vendor-contracted collection service for biohazardous/regulated medical waste.



Instructional Support Pricing Update

April 20, 2016

Dear Instructional Support Customer,

Thank you for working with Health Sciences Instructional Support to serve your event, course and laboratory needs. In service to the UW education mission, we are committed to providing the Health Sciences community with excellent customer service and comprehensive course support. To maintain our room reservations, classroom support and laboratory services, prices will increase starting May 1, 2016. New prices are a result of an increase in operational costs as well as necessary purchases of equipment and furniture.

All service requests billed after May 1, 2016 will have the new prices applied. As a reminder, our billing occurs on the 20th of the month. The attached pricing table can assist in determining the new cost of reservations, equipment rentals, and laboratory supply requests;

For an updated quote on pre-scheduled services or to answer any questions you may have, please contact us at 206-543-0530,

At Health Sciences Instructional Support, we look forward to continuing to support your event and course needs. We are committed to delivering proactive services that cultivate a teaching and learning environment within the Health Sciences community. Our team is driven by customer needs, informed through feedback, and dedicated to fostering learning and innovation. Please direct inquiries to Nick Butler, Manager, Health Sciences Instructional Support; 206-616-3260, .

Nancy Salts, MPA
Health Sciences Academic Services & Facilities
Magnuson Health Sciences Center – T270