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I Wing Classroom Updates
  • I-142 has been added to our list of classrooms. I-142 was recently equip with new furniture and a new lampless projector. The space will also serve as dining seating during

Classroom I-142

T-Wing Classroom Updates
  • Lecture Hall T-747 has been renovated with a new A/V System. New upgrades include: podium (pictured above), document camera, HD projector, panel microphone system, and wireless microphone systems.

New T747 Spectrum, touch panel av and lighting controls, hdmi and vga connectors.

The wireless lavaliere and wireless handheld microphones are now being kept inside the podium in T-747 to increase the ease of use and availability of the wireless microphones. The podium will be kept locked at all times for security reasons, but UW faculty can check out a podium key from our office on a quarterly basis. Faculty are free to hold on to the key for the duration of the quarter and use the wireless microphones for T-747 whenever they need them. Please contact our office if you are interested in checking out a key for the T-747 podium.

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