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Laundry Pick-up/Delivery


Instructional Support is in charge of the delivery and pick-up of laundry for the Health Sciences Building, UWMC, and Foege Buildings. The following is a general outline that shows when laundry is picked up from each location/wing:

  • Mondays – AA, BB
  • Tuesdays – Foege, RR, T
  • Wednesdays – NW, NE, B
  • Thursdays – D, E, F
  • Fridays – H, I, J, K

All requests are processed as soon as possible, but please allow up to two business days processing time for a pick-up request. Requests made with less than two days’ notice from the designated pick-up day may be scheduled for the following week.

The $10 charge for laundry services includes only the delivery and pick-up of costs of the laundry. You may be charged additional fees by Consolidated Laundry for the actual laundering. For more information on prices for laundry services other than delivery, please contact Consolidated Laundry.

If you would like to start a laundry service in any of these locations, please fill out the CRS Laundry Form. Fill out the form electronically and the form will be automatically sent to our office to be processed.

On the CRS Laundry Form, you may choose to set up a one-time laundry pick-up, set up weekly pick-up, cancel a weekly pick-up, or update your information.

  • A one-time laundry service will charge a budget number a one-time fee of $10 for the delivery and pick-up.
  • A one-time emergency pick-up to take place within 1 business day will incur an additional $25 rush pick-up fee.
  • A weekly laundry service will charge a budget number $10 each month for a delivery and pick-up every week. Therefore, those needing a laundry service more than once a month should choose this option.
  • Once you start a weekly laundry service, the provided budget number will automatically be charged $10 each month. You will need to cancel your laundry service to stop the monthly charges.
  • If you change locations or get a new budget number, please update your information with us via the CRS Laundry Form. If you do change locations or budget numbers and don’t notify us, your service may be stopped until you have updated your information.

Before your pick-up date, you will need a few things for your laundry service. All laundry must be left outside your door in a standard yellow laundry bag. Each bag must also contain a pink laundry slip which has a list of all the contents in the laundry bag. Laundry that is not in a yellow laundry bag or not accompanied by a laundry slip will NOT be picked up. If you need yellow laundry bags or pink laundry slips, contact Consolidated Laundry.

To request, change, or stop service:

CRS Online Laundry Form


For pick up and delivery questions:

Instructional Support

For laundering or billing questions:

Consolidated Laundry