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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the building hours for Health Sciences building, Foege-S building, and South Campus Center?

Normal building hours for the Health Sciences building and Foege-S building are listed here. South Campus Center building hours vary throughout the year. For more details, please click here.

Am I allowed to have after-hours events in South Campus Center?

Yes, after-hours events are permitted in South Campus Center. The north exterior doors on the 2nd floor of the SCC are now the on the Campus Automated Access Management System (CAAMS), therefore they can remain unlocked during an after-hours event.

However the remaining exterior doors are still manually unlocked/locked by HSRR staff. If you wish to have these doors unlocked for your after-hours event, HSRR staff must be present for an additional fee. This service may be required for after-hours events at the SCC Terrace. Please have further discussion with HSRR staff for other options. To request this service, please send an email to at least two weeks prior to your event date. If HSRR staff is available, notification will be sent. In the unfortunate event in which HSRR staff is not available, please remember that the 2nd floor north exterior doors of the SCC will still be unlocked for your event.

It is important to remember that any of the SCC exterior doors may not be propped open after hours. All attendees must agree to keep the exterior doors closed at all times during the event.

How do I request exterior door unlocks for my event ?

Exterior door unlocks can be requested in the roomQ request form. If you realize that you need exterior door unlocks after your request has been processed, please reply to your reservation confirmation, indicating which doors you would like unlocked and at what times. If no specific times are provided, the exterior doors will be unlocked and relocked a half hour before and after your event, respectively. Click here to see the locations and door codes for the exterior doors that can be unlocked for your event.

Who do I contact if I discover on the day of my event that the exterior doors of the Health Sciences building/Foege building are locked?

Please call the non-emergency UWPD line at (206) 543-9331. The exterior doors of the Health Sciences and Foege buildings are always locked before and after normal building hours, so you must schedule exterior door unlocks prior to your events.

How to read your reservation confirmation

What’s the farthest in advance I can schedule a room?

You are welcome to place your request as far in advance as roomQ allows. In roomQ, you can edit the request as often as you wish, until it is processed by HSRR. If it is an ongoing event, your request must be submitted yearly. For more information on our scheduling timeline, please visit our policies section.

Can I expect to have the same room for all my reservations?

Typically, courses (regular meetings with course prefix and number, ie NURS 555) receive the first priority in room scheduling. After courses have been scheduled, non-course reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our goal is maximize room use efficiency for everyone. Due to the high volume of requests processed, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that the same room will be available for multiple date events. HSRR does understand the importance of consistent rooms and will provide the best available options.

How do I pay for an event?

Payment type varies depending on the department or organization making the reservation. Typically, a budget number is provided for events held by all UW departments. Registered student organizations (RSOs), Non-UW organizations, and UW faculty/staff holding private events may provide a billing address. For RSOs, UW box numbers are preferred.

When will I receive an invoice for my event?

The billing process occurs after your event has occurred. To receive your invoice in a timely manner, please provide the appropriate billing address or budget number when you make your reservation.

How do I cancel my confirmed reservation?

Except when the status is “In Process,” you have the ability to cancel all or part of your event in roomQ, even if it’s already been completed and confirmed by our office. In RoomQ, click on the Event title to access the Event Details. Under the Event Details, simply click the cancel link found next to the event date(s) that you want to cancel.

Do I have to fill out the RUUF form?

The RUUF form, or The Request for Use of University Facilities form, is required for non-UW organizations or individuals who desire to use space on campus for any function. In addition, any reservations made by UW faculty, staff, or registered student organizations that are open to the general public also need an approved RUUF form. If the RUUF form is not completed by the aforementioned groups the reservation will be canceled. Please review the Office of Special Programs webpage for more information regarding the RUUF form. HSRR cannot be listed as event sponsors in the RUUF form.

Does South Campus Center provide custom room set-up?

HSRR staff is available to provide specific furniture setup and take down when it is requested at least two weeks prior to the event date, for a fee. Groups are more than welcome to rearrange the furniture inside the classrooms. We just ask that all furniture and equipment are restored to the original arrangement before vacating the room. Failure to do so will result in a room reset fee.

Can I serve alcoholic beverages at my event?

Yes, you are permitted to serve alcoholic beverages at your events held in our enclosed special event spaces at Health Sciences and at all spaces available for reservation in South Campus Center. Unfortunately, this excludes the Health Science Lobby and the Active Learning Classroom (SOCC 221) in South Campus Center. To serve alcohol beverages, a Banquet Permit through the Office of Special Activities must be obtained.

I will have catering at my event and need special event containers. How do I request these items?

Please complete an Equipment Request Form to have Special Event Containers for your event.  We ask that you submit your request at least two weeks in advance of your event.

Who do I request additional equipment from?

To request additional Equipment for your event please submit an Equipment Request Form.  We ask that you please submit this request at least two weeks in advance of your event.

Which venues are considered Special Event Spaces and when are they available for reservations?

Special Event Spaces found within the Health Sciences are listed below with general availability. After-hours and weekend events are permitted in these spaces, although exterior door unlocks will need to be requested from HSRR unless the attendees have appropriate access cards. Click here for more information regarding the Health Sciences Special Event Spaces.

  • Health Sciences Lobby: The HS Lobby is available 6am-7pm Monday through Friday.
  • Rotunda Foyer: The Rotunda Foyer is available 6am-7pm Monday through Friday. To reserve the raised dining area and rooms I140-142 found in the Rotunda, contact the UW Catering Office at 685-2051.
  • T469 (Red Lounge): The T469 Lounge is available 3:30-7pm Monday through Friday. Please note that no tables are allowed outside of the room before 5pm.
  • D210: The D210 E-Court reception area is available 3:30-7pm Monday through Friday.
  • Vista Café and Terrace: The Vista Café and Terrace are available 4-6pm Monday through Friday.

Special Event Spaces found within the South Campus Center are listed below. All SCC rooms are available during normal SCC building hours. Only approved after-hours events are permitted in the following spaces. Click here for more information regarding the SCC Special Event Spaces.

  • SCC 354 (Crow’s Nest)
  • SCC 254 (sub-Crow’s Nest)
  • SCC 316: The room’s partition can be closed, resulting in two separate rooms (SCC 316R and SCC 316L) for an additional charge. Contact HSRR for more information and availability.
  • SCC 320B Kitchenette: You must also reserve SCC 316 in order to book this space.
  • SCC Portage Bay Area: The SCC Portage Bay Area is available after 3:00 PM during academic quarterTo book this entire space, all three rooms (SCC 222, SCC 224, SCC 228) found within the Portage Bay area must be also be available.
  • SCC Terrace
  • SCC Lobby
  • Do I need a key to get into the rooms I have reserved?

If your event occurs in South Campus Center or Foege-S building, all of the rooms are kept unlocked. If your event occurs in the Health Science building, all rooms are kept unlocked except I132, T365, and T480. Keys for these rooms can be checked out from Building Management in HST T283 during their office hours, M- F 8am-4:30pm.

Can I have food in the classrooms?

Service of food and drink is allowed only in our South Campus Center rooms (except SOCC 221 Active Learning Classroom) and special event spaces in the Health Sciences Building.  Special event containers must be requested via the Equipment Request Form for events that provide food and/or beverages.

Service of food and drink is not allowed in any classrooms or lecture halls in the Health Sciences. However, any type of catering may be served outside the following rooms: A420, D209 (Turner Auditorium), S060 (Foege Auditorium), I132, K069,T435, T439, T625, T639,T733, T739, T747. The required special event containers and any additional tables for these spaces can be requested via the Equipment Request Form. No food may be taken inside the rooms.

What do I need to know about using wireless internet in these rooms?

You will need a UW NetID to use the wireless internet. If you are a guest at the UW and do not have a UW NetID, you could get visitor access. For more information regarding wireless at the UW, please visit the IT Connect webpage.

The room that was assigned me is locked. What do I do?

If the room is located in the Health Sciences Building, please contact Building Management at 206-685-0143 or stop by their office in HST T283. Please remember that I132 and T480 are always kept locked, so you must pick up a key from Building Management prior to your event. If the room is located in the South Campus Center, please call our office at 206-543-0530 or let us know in person in SCC room 335.

If your event is after building hours, you can call HS Security via UWPD at (206) 543-9331.