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Event Support


SCC Terrace photoEvent planning encompasses many different aspects. Here you can find information and guidelines regarding the use of rooms, how to request spaces and equipment, and the forms necessary for events. Forms include Event Checklists and Special Event Container request forms.

If your event will not be catered by a University caterer or supplier, or if any of the food will be sold or given away to the public or general campus community, or if you are an ASUW club preparing food, you are required to fill out the Application for Temporary Food Service Events. Please visit the EH&S webpage for deadlines, additional forms, and food service criteria.

Barbecues are permitted only at the SCC Terrace. You must also fill out the Application for Temporary Food Service Events.

Any catered event will require the set up of special event containers. Failure to reserve special event containers may result in cleaning fees. To reserve containers or for more information, please review the special event containers page.

Alcoholic Beverages

If alcoholic beverages will be served at your event, you are required to obtain a Banquet Permit. Visit Authorization to Apply for a Banquet Permit. Alcohol is not permitted in the Health Sciences lobby at anytime.

The RUUF form, or The Request for Use of University Facilities form, is required for non-UW organizations or individuals who desire to use space on campus for any function. In addition, any reservations made by UW faculty, staff, or registered student organizations that are open to the general public also need an approved RUUF form. If the RUUF form is not completed by the aforementioned groups the reservation will be canceled. Please review the Office of Special Programs webpage for more information regarding the RUUF form. HSRR cannot be listed as event sponsors in the RUUF form.

If the event is open to the public, you are required to fill out the RUUF form. Failure to complete the form or if the form is denied by the Office of Special Programs will result in the cancellation of your room reservation.

You are required to contact Moving & Surplus to have the existing furniture moved or removed from our special event spaces before your event and to have it replaced to its original configuration afterwards. Please do not move the furniture yourselves. Failure to contact Moving & Surplus to have the furniture moved or failure to return the furniture to the original layout may result in additional fees.

The Enunciator is an event advertising system which displays the event title, department, date, time and location on television screens in the T- & E-wings of the Health Sciences Building. If you would like an event to be advertised on the Enunciator, please send a request conveying the event information to at least one week prior to the event, as the Enunciator is updated on a weekly basis.

To post on the bulletin boards found in the T-wing, in the Rotunda, across the hallway from E-Court Café, and South Campus Center, you must have your fliers approved by Building Management in HSB T283. 

To request disability accommodation and for more information, please visit the Disability Services Office webpage.

If you have any further questions or find that your question is not answered within these pages, please contact Classroom Services.