Sterilization Services

HS Laboratory Services provides sterilization of:

You can deliver materials between 8:00am & 5:00pm to T-276.

Biohazardous Waste

HS Laboratory Services (HSLS)  has one large steam sterilizer dedicated to the sterilization of biohazardous waste with a 60 minute cycle at 121° C. Last load is run at 3:30 pm.

Please read EH&S Guidelines on biohazardous waste and on sharps, laboratory glass, and plasticware waste

Standard Operating Procedures for Biohazardous Waste

SOP must be followed before bringing your waste for processing.

  • Collect solid biohazardous waste in an autoclavable biohazard bag
    • no larger than 19 x 23,
    • attach autoclave tape, and
    • transport in a leak-proof secondary container.
  • All sharps waste must be placed in red sharps containers
    • no larger than 12 x 12 x 12,
    • marked with biohazardous symbol,
    • attach autoclave tape, and
    • label with the Principal Investigator’s name and the room number.

    Make sure the autoclave tape is not placed over the vent holes and do not fill more than two-thirds full. This allows steam to reach the contents and to allow for expansion and contraction of the container during autoclaving.

  • Broken glassware contaminated with biohazardous material must be placed in red sharps containers
    • no larger than 12 x 12 x 12 for proper disposal,
    • attach autoclave tape, and
    • labeled with the Principal Investigator’s name and the room number.
  • Laboratory glass and plastic waste contaminated with biohazardous material should be placed in a container that is easily autoclaved and does not allow the tips to puncture it. One possible solution is to use a pipette box
    • no larger than 12 x 12 x 12,
    • attach autoclave tape, and
    • transport in a leak-proof secondary container.

Fill out the Sign-In Sheet and then load your materials into plastic trays on the processing cart in T-276, filling up the lower shelves of the processing cart first. Each filled plastic tray is considered one load. We can process 9 loads of biohazardous waste at a time.

The Magnuson Health Sciences Biohazardous Waste flowchart (pdf) summarizes the proper packaging, treatment and disposal of biological and biomedical waste for locations within Magnuson Health Sciences, W.H. Foege Genome Sciences, and W.H. Foege Bioengineering.

Reagents and Laboratory Supplies

HSLS has two autoclaves dedicated to the steam sterilization of reagents and laboratory supplies, such as pipette tips, caps, mixed glassware, and instruments. Please drop off supplies in T-276, loading your supplies onto a small autoclave cart. Do not overfill, item on carts may only be one layer. Special exposure times and temperatures can be requested. Once autoclaved these can be picked up from T-286.

Cell Culture Work

For those laboratories doing cell culture work, HSLS has an oven available to do high-heat dry sterilization. Please drop off materials in T-276 to be processed for 3 hours at 195 C. These loads are run at the end of the day and are then available to be picked up the next day from T-286.

Sheet

For any of the three services, you will need to fill out our Sign-In Sheet each time, providing the following information:

  • Date of Service
  • Laboratory Name
  • Room Number of Laboratory
  • Phone Number
  • Budget Number
  • Department

Zemeheret Seare

Please see our price list.

Mission Statement

Our team provides superior laboratory support in the Health Sciences building with focus on customers, timely and low cost services in compliance with safety standards. In the spirit of collaboration, teaching and research relationships are fostered by being an active resource to better serve our community.