Health Sciences Center Minority Students Program

Our Impact

Students in lab

[The program] has had an extremely influential impact on my academic/career pathway. By providing me with opportunities to preview careers in the various sciences, I have been able to taste my potential future. Without participation…I am not sure I would even be pursuing a STEM degree. –former student

HSCMSP programs have helped thousands of students explore health science and biomedical/behavioral research careers

4X as many underrepresented minority (URM) students who earned health science related degrees were IMSD participants as compared to all URM students at UW.
— IMSD Research Participants (2003-2014)

2 out of 3 of PhDs granted to underrepresented minority students at UW from 2000 to 2014 were awarded to IMSD participants.
— IMSD Research Participants (2000-2014)

71% of STAR graduates have entered or completed graduate or professional degree programs (MD, PhD, MD/PhD, Masters)
— STAR Research Interns (2010-2015)

73% increase in URM participation in biomedical or behavioral science graduate programs at UW since 2009.
–STAR Research Grant Renewal (2015)