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Entrepreneurial Alumna Helping World Travelers to Stay Active & Support Local Communities

Entrepreneurial Alumna Helping World Travelers to Stay Active & Support Local Communities

After graduating from the Health Services MPH program in 2009, alumna Angela ("Angel") Mathis was hiking through the Peruvian Andes when she met a local man, Andres, who shared her boundless enthusiasm for being outside. Angel says, "That moment was the pivotal moment that led me to create Boldly Went," which she created in 2016.

Angel describes her decision to found her own company as follows: "Earning an MPH influenced my decision to create Boldly Went LLC, my business that focuses on inspiring people to go outside and move, to help people go on outdoor adventures to explore places off the beaten track, all while supporting local economies. 

Boldly Went LLC is a microenterprise that leverages valuable local knowledge held by local outdoors enthusiasts and experts that is not easily transferable to a visitor or tourist and creates a way for the local person to use that knowledge to independently generate income that supports their families, local business partnerships, and communities. 

So now the local person has a new and rewarding way to generate income and the traveler has a more suitable way to use their travel dollar to go explore local outdoor areas doing the activity they prefer."

Learn more about Angel's story and Boldly Went by visiting her webpage, or by attending their upcoming event in Seattle on 9/18/17 (see web link for details):

Photo: Angel wearing a traditional Peruvian hat that she bought in a remote village near Ausungate, purchased directly from the person who knitted it, out of wool from the llamas on the farm nearby.