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MPH Program in Health Services

Social and Behavioral Sciences Concentration

SBS Concentration

Social and Behavioral Sciences is an elective concentration of the MPH program for students who wish to apply social and behavioral sciences theory and methods to the study, practice, and thought of public health. Skills such as survey research, statistics, behavioral measurement, ethnography, quality-of-life assessment, community-based participatory research, and cost-effectiveness analysis are stressed.

The focus of the SBS concentration is on research and application of knowledge concerning the relationships among:

  • social, cultural, and behavioral processes
  • health and illness
  • what society does and can do to promote health and prevent illness

Graduates who complete the concentration will have the background and skills to pursue careers in either research or in public health practice.

Students electing to pursue the Social and Behavioral Science MPH Concentration must satisfy the General MPH Requirements for the School of Public Health and Department of Health Systems and Population Health as well as the additional requirements listed below.

Social and Behavioral Sciences Concentration Additional Requirements

Effective Autumn 2020


Strategies of Health Promotion

HSERV 590/517
Advanced Qualitative Research Methods

Health Program Evaluation

Health Communication and Marketing for Health Promotion: Theory and Practice

Waivers or substitutions of the concentration requirements can be made with the approval of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Concentration Faculty Lead. Core Requirement waivers and substitutions are rare and require multiple School and Departmental approvals.