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Jeanette Birnbaum - Independent Health Services Researcher

Jeanette Birnbaum - Independent Health Services Researcher

Dr. Jeanette Birnbaum began her studies in the Health Services PhD program in 2010 and pursued an area of emphasis in Evaluation Sciences and Statistics.

In her dissertation "Simulation modeling to enhance comparative effectiveness studies in cancer," Jeanette worked closely with Dr. Ruth Etzioni to project the harms and benefits of three new diagnostic and screening cancer interventions. Jeanette's dissertation papers have won student prizes from UW's Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research and Policy Program and the Health Policy Statistics section of the American Statistical Association.

Prior to entering the PhD Program, Jeanette earned her MPH in Global Health Metrics from the University of Washington in 2010. During her time in the PhD program, Jeanette worked with Dr. Ruth Etzioni at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center on modeling the mortality implications of various cancer interventions.