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PhD Program in Health Services
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Laura Fraade-Blanar - Associate Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation

Laura Fraade-Blanar - Associate Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation

Dr. Laura Fraade-Blanar began her studies in the Health Services PhD program in 2011, after earning her MHS in International Health from Johns Hopkins University in 2007. She previously worked at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and at the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO).

Dr. Fraade-Blanar's research focused on evaluating the effectiveness of injury prevention and control policies and programs, and on transportation safety, older adult injuries and occupational injuries. Dr. Fraade-Blanar was an Occupational Health Services Research Trainee for 2013-2014 and was awarded the ITHS TL-1 year-long traineeship grant for 2014-2015. She worked closely with her Chair, Dr. Beth Ebel, on her dissertation "Older adult injury risk assessment in the driving and occupational environments," before graduating in 2016.

After graduation, Dr. Fraade-Blanar completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at the RAND Corporation. She now works at RAND as an Associate Policy Researcher.