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Janessa Graves (2011)

Janessa Graves (2011)

Dr. Janessa Graves began her studies in the Health Services PhD program in 2008, after completing an MPH in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at UW. Dr. Graves was funded as a trainee through the NIOSH-sponsored UW Educational and Research Center (ERC). Dr. Graves pursued areas of emphasis in Evaluation Sciences and Occupational Health Services Research. She worked closely with Dr. Jeffrey Jarvik (Chair), Deb Fulton-Kehoe, and Gary Franklin to complete her dissertation, “Early advanced imaging among Washington State workers' compensation claimants with non-specific acute occupational low back pain:  An evaluation of precursors, costs, utilization, and outcomes.”  This work involved linking workers’ compensation insurance claims to patient-level survey data. 

After graduating in 2011, Dr. Graves completed a two-year pediatric injury research fellowship at the Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center (HIPRC; UW). While at HIPRC, she published articles on pediatric health services and injury epidemiology, working primarily with existing national, regional, and state data sources and conducting surveys of hospitals and trauma centers to examine current practices in pediatric imaging following concussion. 

At present, Dr. Graves works as an Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing at Washington State University, where her research focuses health equity and healthcare effectiveness relating to injury, trauma, and acute care. She is particularly interested in improving access and quality of healthcare in rural areas. Dr. Graves lives in a small, rural town in northeast Washington State with her husband Jim, son Teddy (4 yrs), and daughter Quinn (2 yrs).