Are you a teacher?
This form is for teacher registration only.
Students should go to the ISCFC website, and click on the "Register" button in the upper right (under "Discuss").
Teachers: enter your information, and then click "I'm a teacher".
For newly registering teachers, enter your school information below. If your email or school has changed, please re-enter your information.
Privacy statement: data collected as part of the ISCFC project is stored on a secure server at the University of Washington. I2SEA and the ISCFC are purely non-profit educational entities, and we will never offer or sell any data to third parties for profit. We will never share any teacher registration information, which we use only for session planning and to locate their schools on the project map. Passwords and all sensitive information stored in cookies are encrypted to prevent hacking. We are in the process of producing visualizations and analytics based on the student footprint data, but we will strip all personally identifying information from the data before we do so. If you have additional concerns about the student data we collect with the ISCFC footprint calculator or the teacher data we collect in the teacher registration form, please email project director Jason Hodin.