Course Evaluation Request - UW Seattle

Term: Spring 2018
ALERT! This form will go away at the end of spring quarter. Please try the new tool in the IASystem Faculty Portal.
Please identify the particular course section you wish to evaluate and the appropriate evaluation delivery method (online or paper). If you have already submitted an evaluation request for a particular course section and wish to change the delivery method, you may do so by contacting iasuw@uw.edu. Do not submit a second evaluation request for the same course section/instructor combination.
Fees: Online evaluations are provided at no cost. However, departments will be billed for the cost of evaluation forms requested, student comment forms, and processing and scanning for paper evaluations.
NOTE: Some departments have centralized their course evaluation process. If your department has a course evaluation coordinator, please request your evaluation through that individual -- do not use this form.
Course Abbreviation

Evaluation Delivery Method

NOTE: IASystem course summary reports are openly available in compliance with the Public Disclosure Act (RCW 42.17). Course reports are sent to department chairs as well as instructors, and summary ratings are published in the online Course Evaluation Catalog (CEC) for the period of one year following the course excluding those taught by TA's using IASystem Form F (quiz sections) and Form H (lab sections).
 If you have any questions please email iasuw@uw.edu.