Medical Case Management Services

Madison Clinic Social Work serves people living with HIV/AIDS from all walks of life. We are also committed to serving the mission population for Harborview, and because of this we are particularly attentive to those most vulnerable in our community.  Common concerns we work with clients on include issues around not having insurance or not enough insurance, difficulties accessing basic needs due to no income, those who are homeless, disabled, undocumented or non-English speaking, people who are incarcerated in King County Jail and/or those living with mental health and substance use issues.

The Madison Clinic Social Work Team includes:

  • 18 Social Workers
  • 3 Social Work Advocates
  • 3 Social Work Supervisors
  • 1 Associate Director of Social Work

Madison Clinic Social Workers provide case management services for about 2,100 of the 2,700 patients who receive medical care at Madison Clinic. One of the strengths of our program is our ability to closely coordinate care with the entire medical team, as we are all located in the same place. Madison Clinic Social Work is proud to have several social workers on our team who are able to provide services to patients in their native language, including Spanish, Amharic, Tigrinya, Oromo, and Russian.  We are also committed to hiring and retaining a diverse staff that attempts to match the demographics  of the clients we serve.

One of the goals of providing case management services is to deliver comprehensive care that addresses both the psychosocial and medical needs of our patients. Madison Clinic social workers help patients address barriers that make it difficult for them to attend medical appointments and provide support to help them remain engaged in medical care and adherent to their medications. Patients and social workers work together to create an individualized plan to figure out what services, referrals, and care are most important to the patient and start their work together there.

The Social Work Advocates are available to assist patients with issues pertaining to Medicaid, Medicare, and EIP (ADAP). Madison Clinic also has a Housing Navigator who works with patients and case managers to reduce housing barriers with the goal of increasing access to housing. The Madison Clinic Social Work Team has the most knowledge about services and resources in King County, and the majority of our patients reside in King. We do serve a small number of clients from other counties.  If we are not the best match for Medical Case Management services for a client, (or if they would like to seek case management elsewhere), we are happy to provide them with information about other agencies who provide HIV/AIDS case management services. If you have questions about social work services at Madison Clinic, please contact:

Christine Cervenka, LICSW, Social Work Supervisor – (206) 744-5269

Sandra Herrera, LICSW, Social Work Supervisor – (206) 744-5162

Katie Hara, LICSW, Social Work Supervisor – (206) 744-7249