HIV and Drug Use (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Injection Drug Use)

Alcohol and HIV Alcohol and HIV

San Francisco AIDS Foundation: Article from a public forum on Alcohol and HIV

University of California – San Francisco HIV Insite: Drugs and Alcohol in HIV ( for Health Professionals): 

Harm Reduction – Ways of Making Drug Use Safer

Chicago Recovery Alliance: Better Vein Care

Harm Reduction Coalition: Getting Off Right Safety Manual

Project NEON: Methamphetamine Risks and Strategies to Reduce Harm

Naloxone – Preventing Opioid Overdoses

UW Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute

Harm Reduction Coalition: Overdose Basics

Preventing HIV Transmission via Injection Drug Use

Read about preventing HIV transmission via injecting drugs here.

Tobacco and HIV

  • Resources for Quitting

Washington Dept. of Health: Resources for Quitting 

Smokefree Teen – resources, services for quitting tobacco tailored to teens.

  • Tobacco and People Living with HIV

Aids.govwhy smoking is more dangerous for people living with HIV.

AIDSmap“Smoking doubles risk of death for patients taking HIV therapy.”