Accessing What You Need at Clinic

There are many services you might need to access at the clinic. Most services at the clinic can be reached directly or indirectly through the general clinic phone number (206-744-5100).

Here are a some suggestions for specific situations you might encounter as a patient:

Not feeling well? (If you’re having symptoms or a health concern that needs attention but is NOT an emergency…)

During Clinic Hours (8am – 5pm, M-F)

Option 1: Call the clinic and speak to a nurse. Call the general clinic number (206-744-5100) and ask to speak to a nurse. Our nurses monitor these messages regularly and will call you back shortly. They will help assess your symptoms and make a plan with you, including getting an urgent appointment if it is needed.

Option 2: Walk-in to the clinic. Check-in at the front desk say that you need to see the triage nurse. The triage nurse will see you as soon as they are able to assess your symptoms and develop a plan, which might include seeing a doctor if needed. NOTE: The triage nurse is unavailable at lunchtime from 12-1pm. Triage closes for new walk-ins at 4:30pm.

After Clinic Hours (evenings and weekends)

Call the Community Care Line: 206-744-2500

Pharmacy Requests and Questions

What to do in case of prescription/medication questions depends on where you fill your prescriptions.

IF you fill your medications at the Madison Clinic Pharmacy:

Refilling a prescription:

Call the refill line: 206-744-5151

Refill online:

Please request refills at least two business days before you will run out of your medications. Have the following information ready:

  • First and last name
  • Harborview patient #
  • Phone number if available
  • Prescription # (found on the side of the medication bottle)

Other medication or pharmacy related issues (e.g. need to talk to a pharmacist, transferring meds to an outside pharmacy, inquiries about copays, etc.)

Call the refill line and leave a message: 206-744-5151. This is the pharmacy telephone number that is monitored most regularly and your question or request will be routed to the most appropriate person.

IF you fill your prescriptions at an outside pharmacy:

Refill and other requests should be directed to the outside pharmacy FIRST. Your outside pharmacy can contact the Madison Clinic if there are issues with refills or transfers.

Reaching your Case Manager

If you have an assigned case manager (social worker) at Madison Clinic and you know who they are: 

Call your case manager and talk through things on the phone or set up an appointment time when you can meet.

Walk-in to the clinic and ask to have your case manager paged at the front desk. Your case manager will meet with you at their earliest convenience.

If you have an assigned case manager (social worker) at Madison Clinic but you aren’t sure who they are or don’t have their phone number:

Call the general clinic phone number (206-744-5100) and ask for the name and number of your case manager. The person you talk to at that phone number won’t be able to look it up immediately, but you’ll receive a call back shortly from someone who can.

Walk-in to the clinic and ask to have your case manager paged at the front desk. The front desk staff will be able to look up your current case manager.

If you do not have an assigned case manager (social worker):

If you live in King County and you are a patient at Madison Clinic, you have the option of being case managed at Madison Clinic. You can walk-in to the clinic or call the general clinic number (206-744-5100) to request a case manager.

If you live outside King County, you are entitled to case management services but you will be served by an outside agency. Visit this website to see what case management agency you should contact based on where you live.

Sending a Message to Your Provider

There are a couple of ways to contact your doctor with non-urgent questions about your care and health. In general, messages are monitored and routed by the clinic’s nurses. They might respond directly to your message or they might send your message on to the appropriate staff person (your doctor, your social worker, or a pharmacist, for example). You may

Call the general clinic phone number (206-744-5100) and ask to have a message sent to your doctor or care team. If you’re having symptoms or urgent concerns, you may need to speak to a nurse first to assess the problem.

Join eCare and send an electronic message directly to your care team. eCare is an online system that allows you to securely send messages directly to your care team, check upcoming appointments, see your past lab results, and more. Visit to get signed-up and call the eCare Helpline (206-520-8963) if you need a code to get signed-up or want any other help logging-in.