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The Imaging Facility

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We maintain several confocal microscopes, a super resolution live cell imaging microscope, 2 electron microscopes, and sample preparation labs.

The Biology Imaging Facility is a recharge center and expenses are recovered through hourly charges. The current rates have been approved by Management Accounting and Analysis (MAA) and the Dean's Office in June 2018. The Facility is open to any department or unit affiliated with the University of Washington. External users are also welcome.

All users are subscribed to the IF-forum mailing list to receive announcements from us on recent development and equipment availability. Users can also use the forum to discuss equipment usage or technique, and notify other users for schedule changes or cancellations. You can read the past postings here on the mailing list archive. To further encourage interactions among users, we organize a meeting every fall to introduce our microscopes and services to new members of the Dept and also to discuss any topics our users bring up e.g., sample preparation technique, imaging protocol, facility policy, etc. Summaries of the past meetings are on the UGM page.

Recent announcements