Mini-Research Funding

Mini-research grants (maximum $4,000 per student) are available to help defray workshop and research related expenses.  These funds cannot be used to support travel to conferences.

Your proposal should include:

Cover page : Project title, your name, email address, phone number, academic advisor, email address of academic advisor, total project budget, funds requested.

Budget (1 page):  itemized budget with budget justification.

Proposal Body (2 pages): Single-spaced, 12-point times font, 1″ margins (figures, equations, and references are included in this limit).   What to include:

  • Overview/Introduction
  • Research Objectives/Hypotheses
  • Methods
  • Relationship to IGERT Objectives
  • Deliverables
  • Relationship to Thesis Research
  • Timeline
  • Literature Cited

Proposals are accepted at anytime,  send pdf of proposal to and; please allow 2 -4 weeks to process the request.  Proposals are reviewed by iPOC faculty.